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What we do?

We adapt sea containers into mobile offices, cabins, homes, commercial facilities, sales points, cafés, and also camping bungalows. With our technological solutions we are able to meet the highest quality standards and clients’ expectations. We always put the quality of our products first.

How we do it?

We play with form and function, creating modern facilities that will catch your eye. We design and produce containers distinguished by their high quality. The modular structure gives unlimited arrangement possibilities and allows for an easy change of location. All these will truly save your time and money.

Why we do it?

We draw inspiration from our surroundings and not only from that. We care for ecology and the natural environment. We design our containers so that they fit the surroundings. We also sell recycled containers, because we care to give them a second life. We change the world by combining design with ecology.


28 m2 – one container.

The smallest proposal in our offer and best for cabins. It is functionality rather than size that matters. It is definitely the least problematic to move one container, find a location for it or heat it. It can also be furnished quickly. A single container is perfect for those who look for a cozy holiday cabin, bachelor flat, a camping bungalow on a camp site for 3 to 5 people, or a small office for 4 people. The glass walls give an impression of more space and you can feel the nature around you. An additional large terrace will give you even more space.


56 m2 – two containers.

With its practical use and small but functional space, it is our most popular and most frequently chosen proposal. We put two containers collaterally and merge them into one, or we move one against another with precision to get an interesting space for arrangement. It is an ideal proposal for a house for 2 to 4 people or an office for 6 people. It will also work as a holiday cabins or camping bungalow for the whole family. Have some rest in the mountains or by the lake and enjoy the view through your panoramic windows.


84 m2 – three containers.

That is already a real family house. But more than just that! Such space may be easily adapted into cabins, cafés, bars, shops, marinas, commercial facilities or stores. 84 square meters make up a roughly square area. The adjustable space can be easily adapted for various purposes. We join the containers in a specific way in order to create a compact and unified structure. It is a perfect choice for those who prefer space and do not go for any trade-offs!

[FOUR] – two floors

112 m2 – four containers.

Four containers placed in two tiers are the largest space we offer. They are distinguished by extraordinary design and dynamic structure arrangement, which catches the attention of all modern architecture enthusiasts. That two-tier structure will be an ideal home for a large family and a great space for a shop, restaurant, cabins or a big commercial facility. It also proves that nothing is impossible for us with containers. We are proud that we have been able to create this two-tier space of 112 m2. Share in that pride with us.


Work Area

A small or medium-sized office. If you are looking for an ideal office for your company, containers are the perfect solution. They offer space you can adjust to your own needs and mobility.


Place the cabins built from containers on your camping site, impress your guests, distinguish yourself with design and care for recycling. One container can house up to two camping bungalows.

Home Area

Build your own house from containers. Contact us and see how simple it is. Within 2 to 3 months we will design and build your house, and finish it for turnkey. Interested?










Area of operation

We operate in Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, as well as in Finland and Germany. We are planning to expand our business activity soon to Western European countries.


Turnkey development along with the installations. The prices provided are net prices and do not include transport. The price does not include transport or building placement. It is calculated for every location separately. The average cost of transport and placement of the structure equals 10% – 15% of the value of the building.



To build your house or cabins we need two to four months from the moment the contract is signed, from the start of the designing process to its realization. Plus around a week and a half for transport, building placement and finishing works.

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